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Denim on Denim with a touch of Plaid.

First of all I hope it was a nice, warm, eggs-traordinary Easter for you and your families. Squeezing in a post real late this windy, cold and rainy Sunday Night.
Continuing with the Create 28 Spring Challenge, I bring you today a Denim-on-Denim Look (day 4 of the Challenge). Day 5 is actually your Easter Dress or Easter Outfit. I am actually a Christian but was born an Orthodox Christian so my Easter is next Sunday. Since living in the States, my family and I celebrate both Easter(s) usually. But today was not a church day for me. I just ran some errands in the middle of the cold, real quick. You will get to see that Outfit sometime soon, since it also involves one of the pieces I will be remixing this month for Sarah's Challenge.
So, this is a version of the infamously-called Texas Tuxedo or Canadian Tuxedo: wearing Blue Jeans with a Denim or Chambray Shirt. The way this works is for the two pieces to be in pretty different shades of blue. Though I have seen some women pull of th…