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Mommy+Mini: Casual Spring Dresses.

How was your weekend guys?! Did you do any shopping with all the great sales out there?! I got some cute things at Loft for myself and some adorable new dresses for Vivian from Land's End. Speaking of Vivian, my little mini and I are back for a Mommy+Me post featuring two Casual Spring Dresses, worn the Monday after Easter to be exact. The weekend of Easter was so pretty and warm over here and it continued to be so the week after, but last week our colder temperatures and lots of rain were back on. It is Spring after all.
My little V-Neck, 100% Cotton LBD is a few years old (from Gap), about 7 to be exact but it is one of those pieces that will transition through years and you can style it for all seasons because of how simple and comfy it is. I love that it has short sleeves too, what would make it better is pockets. My Black Ghilly Ballet Flats were perfect with it and for when it was a little breezy and cooler out, I decided to top it off with my Olive Military Blazer from Who W…

The Best of the Weekend Sales.

In the retail world, it is the end of the quarter, which means since the retail Spring season is ending, many stores are doing some amazing sales all weekend long (remember, stores are at least a couple of months ahead style-wise and holiday-wise; we are already seeing lots of red white and blue and stars+stripes for both Memorial Day and Independence Day coming up). Here is a roundup of some of the best sales at your local stores and department stores. For each store/brand I am offering up some tips and suggestions too, so read on below. What are you up to this weekend?! Doing any shopping?!

Macy's - they are doing their special Friends+Family sale where you get an additional 30% off, whether something is on sale or not. Some departments like cosmetics and perfumes are only 10% off but we all know there are almost never any sales when it comes to makeup so 10% is still good. Macy's is my favorite destination when it comes to both perfumes and shoes because their selection for …

Thursday Moda #61: Pineapple Sweater and Blue Denim.

Welcome to a new Thursday Moda everyone! How is it going?!
As us style bloggers know too well, for the past 5 years or so pineapples have been all the rage. They continue to be so this Spring+Summer season. The pineapple trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Enter this Pineapple Sweater purchased earlier this Spring at Old Navy. Currently Old Navy has not one but three pairs of Pineapple Shorts for women. Plus you can find kids/toddlers pineapple graphic tees and more. I am seeing this trend more and more in items other than clothes and jewelry like dishes, blankets, pillows, tupperware, serving plates, cookie cut-out shapes, etc. etc.
I wore this in early April during a chilly though sunny weekend. The sweater is light as far as weight goes but still not too thin which makes it perfect for April-May. The yellow pineapples which pop paired so well with my dainty layered gold-tone necklace. I wore it with double denim though in different shades of blue: dark wash skinny jeans and med…