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My Favorite Pink Item.


Welcome to the 10th and final Pink Day. Yes, I posted 10 OOTDs with something Pink ten days in a row and today being the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness month and Halloween, I am wearing my last and final one. No celebrations or costumes for any of us this Halloween. I wish I would have dressed up Vivian in a costume, but they don't trick or treat here. Last year for her first Halloween, we were in the States and she did wear a costume. With that said, where did October fly, guys? 2 more months let in 2014.
Well, since this is the last one, I am wearing my Favorite Pink item today - which is my Baby Pink Trench Coat by Bebe. Sure I could have done a Pink Dress since I haven't done a Pink Dress throughout this month, but all of my Pink Dresses are prety Summery and quite Dressy also. With the weather and following the prompt that it is indeed October, I opted for none of them during my Pink Outfits. I do love this Trench th…

Hot Pink Flowers and Bows.

The last Thursday of October guys. Tomorrow is Halloween, got any plans? No trick or treating here. Halloween is a little newer type of Holiday in Europe, but they still do celebrate it. Today is the 9th day I am wearing Pink for the Breast Cancer Awareness - tomorrow is the last day. So, you still have time to join the link-up. Thanks for wearing Pink for a great cause.

Well, my Pink certainly isn't subtle today. I am wearing it twice on both of my Tops. I have on a Black/White/Hot Pink Floral Cardigan layered over a Gorgeous Silk Charmeusse, Hot Pink, Bow-Tie Blouse. I wore this Outfit yesterday to work. It combines so many elements I love, such as Floral, Bow-Tie Tops, Booties and Pencil Skirts, as well as materials I love such as Silk and Ponte. I love how both of my tops from White House Black Market (they are from the same season) go flawlessly together. The Cardigan has a crew-neck so that Bow Blouse ties perfectly underneath it and it adds such a fun and girly vibe. Yester…

Champagne Roses and Cranberry.

Happy Hump Day Ladies and Happy Pink Day! Yes, that's right - it's another Pink Day around here. =)

Once again, for today's Outfit my Pink is very subtle. It is the Pink Roses on my Awesome Floral Pants I scored from Zara as a gift from them, when they had their grand opening of the flagship store in Albania. And I happen to love them. I also have on my Light Coral/Pinkish Drop Earrings and some Blush Lipgloss. I love the Vintage sort of Print of these Champagne-Colored Pants. The roses are not on your face: some of them are a Subtle Pink and some are a Subtle Burgundy. So, for a Monochromatic effect I paired them with my Elbow-sleeve Ivory Cardigan (love the feminine ruffle down the front). And last but not least I wore my New Leather Suede, Cranberry Shooties (or are they Booties)? Aren't they gorgeous? They are made in Italy baby. And Cranberry - or like they are calling it this season "Sangria" - is the IT Color for Fall 2014. Love how my Beautiful Floral…

Orange and Black with Hints of Bright Pink.

Happy Tuesday. It is a chilly one around here, though we also got a sun which was pretty warm, earlier on today. How about where you live? For the 7th day of the pink-themed, Breast Cancer AWearNess Link-up I have on very little Pink and a lot of Orange with Black to honor Halloween. Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? You mommies, what costumes did you pick out for your little ones?

So, my Pink items today are my New, Fuchsia, Matte Lipstick and my Pink Crystal Studs (on my ears). How fun+festive was this Black+Orange Ensemble for a date night hmm? Orange is the perfect color to wear in October since it is the month of pumpkins and Halloween, don't you think? Even better when Orange is paired with Black. So, that's what I did - I wore Orange and Black and dressed up a little bit lately, for a quick date night. It is about time I wore this Pretty Orange Sweater with cut-out shoulders and the straps are actually gold chain links. This Sweater is a silk-blend by Bebe. It…

Fuchsia Color-blocked.

Happy Monday you all - the last of this month, the Monday before Halloween as well. Do you have anything planned for Halloween by the way? And speaking of Halloween, stay tuned for Tomorrow's Post, shall you. =)

My Pink item today is on the brighter side of the rainbow. It is my Silky, Fuchsia, 3/4-Sleeve Blouse by Old Navy. One of my favorite ways to do color-blocking is either with two bright colors in the pink/red/blue/purple/green/yellow families or two soft, muted neutrals. This Fuchsia Blouse colorblocked perfectly with these Cobalt Blue Cropped Pants that hadn't been worn since early Summer. So, on a rather warmer Fall Day I wore this Happy Outfit this October. The Taupe+Purple Colorblocked Ballet Flats were perfect for this ensemble. I kept the Jewelry Fun with my Pearl+Crystal Earrings, Pearl Necklace and Crystal Bracelet. And once again I am carrying my MK Red Bag since I wore this to work. What do you think? Isn't Hot Pink or Fuchsia and Cobalt Blue a perfect pa…

A Designer Dress with a Dash of Pink and lots of Silver.

Day 5 of me wearing Pink around here and making a statement in support of a great cause. I do want to make it perfectly clear though - you can wear Pink and donate to Pink (Breast Cancer) all day and any day, but the best thing you can do for yourself is get your breasts checked. If you have a family member who has a history of cancer especially breast cancer, you should get your first mammogram as early as 25-28 years old. Otherwise, if you are at least 40, get a mammogram every year. It is the Best 'Pink Gift' you can give to yourself. I got my first mammogram last year as a woman in her early thirties. It did help that one of the local hospitals, was doing us women a favor and slashed the prices to half off. Thankfully I was in the clear and I do not have a family history of breast cancer. But I plan to get my next one as soon as I turn 40.

Today's Pink item is my Small Rosette Statement Necklace. But there is a little Coral Pink on the Chain/Paisley Design of the Dress…