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Weekend Wants: Leopard.

I have always loved leopard print - not just the classic tan/brown/black kind, but snow leopard as well as colored leopard like in blue, red, purple, orange, lavender, etc. (like some of the pieces you will see here). I think I purchased my first leopard-print piece when I had my first retail job which was at Lord and Taylor when I was 18-19. My mom also loves leopard and I think part of my love for this classic, beautiful print, comes from my mom. I think leopard print is classy, classic, beautiful, bold, timeless and seasonless. And as far as I am concerned not only is leopard good for any season but it is also a neutral, especially when paired with other similar colors in the family of tans, browns and black of course. Imagine a pair of dressy black pants, a leopard fitted cardigan, a gold brooch, some pave studs and black or colored pumps - such an elegant office look. Also, a leopard dress paired with white sneakers and a cool fanny pack or a crossbody bag for a fun, modern and s…