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Suited for Neon.

I was upset when I found out kind of late that the Lovely Laura in collaboration with Enchanting Erin had a link-up going on where the 1st week they had everyone wear Mint. I was upset because 1. I LOVE MINT. 2. I PURCHASED A NEW, PRETTY, MINTY TOP & 3. I LOVE FUN LINK-UPS especially ones that are a FASHION CHALLENGE. It looks like this will be something new going on each week - a new trend, a new item so I am stoked to see what it will be & hopefully participate each week.

This week, they are challenging us to wear Neon. Say no more, I am there. I love little pops of Neon be it Yellow, Lime, Pink or Blue. But I also love it in bigger doses or even head to toe (like in my case). It can look Cool, Fun, Summery, Bright & Refreshing. I am faking a Shorts' Suit with my Express Shorts & The Limited Blazer (love the Short Sleeves) in Citrusy Lemon. As if that wasn't enough Yellow for you, I am even wearing Bright Yellow Loafers & my New Spike Bracelets are both N…