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Swimsuits, Body Confidence and a Linkup.

As I mentioned earlier this month, I was at the beach on vacation the first week of July. We went to Lake Michigan by St. Joseph Michigan which we also visited last Summer and loved it so we decided to go back this year. Well, today I am co-hosting the"Start the Week Off Stylish" Linkup with Michelle and Ana Luiza who have been running their successful and fun-themed Mondays linkup since a year ago. New to the blog, for the first time ever I am doing a Swimsuit-centered Post too, since this week's theme with the lovely ladies of " Start the Week Off Stylish" is swimsuits. And of course Vivian is joining me in this week's theme too with her Adorable One-Piece. For another swimsuit post, stop by this Friday and on Thursday I will show you one of my favorite outfits that I wore while on vacation, also.  I thought twice about deciding to actually post about swimsuits and have my OOTD be a swimsuit today, but when Michelle e-mailed me a bunch of themes a while ba…