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Christmas Eve 2011.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS. What did you do for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?! What gifts did you get, what did you gift yourself? Were you happy overall with what you got? What did you eat and most importantly WHAT, WHO DID YOU WEAR? LOL
I had a Great Holiday overall, my first one in Tirana, Albania. It was a chilly yet dry and sunny December 24th and 25th around here, but I still stayed stylish. =P Since today I am posting my Christmas Eve outfit I will talk about what I did this day and "reveal" my Christmas Day outfit either later tonight or early morning, tomorrow. So, everything is opened regular hours here on Christmas Eve and most people celebrate the 25th rather than the 24th (it is an European things I guess). Local bars, pubs and restaurants were not as busy as usual, even-though it was Saturday, but overall it was still pretty busy. People seemed to be happier and more generous than usual.

The highlight of Christmas Eve for me was having lunch out with my husband, an…