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Potter's Clay Bodysuit.

Potter's Clay is one of the biggest colors of Fall 2016. It is like a very dark Burnt Orange. I would describe it as the child of burgundy and orange. My new (and currently only) bodysuit is indeed in this hot Fall shade - Potter's Clay. I love how Pantone named this particular color this year because it describes it perfectly. Well, while I love my bodysuit I don't necessarily like (at all) how I look in it, at least not in this outfit. This year I have gained a few pounds I have not been proud of and this bodysuit tucked into these jeans makes my mid-section and hips look even larger. I have had these jeans in my closet for years. I was undecided whether to get rid of them or not and these photos definitely convinced me to. They make my hips wide, are not flattering on me and I don't care for their capri length. So off they go bad-looking jeans and I am calling this outfit a failure. But you know it is good to post our not-so-great fashion moments too, keeping it rea…