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Thursday Moda #60: Layers of Olive, Navy and Grey.

Good Morning everyone! Welcome to another Moda Thursday or Fashion Thursday. This outfit is about a month 'old' and I apologize about that but as I said a couple of weeks ago I lost one of the memory cards for my camera. Well, weeks later I found it in one of the nooks/mini shelves of Vivian's princess castle, among her other tiny miniature toys there lol. I wanted to post this outfit not because it is the best one but I do like how well the shades of olive green, navy and grey looked together and I do believe that a blanket scarf is a great transitional piece for Spring which can substitute your jacket or heavy coat.
I love that this sweater dress is a light knit, has long sleeves and a midi length. All of these elements make it perfect for Spring. I plan to wear this dress soon but it is warmer now so no leggings, just bare legs. I love how that cozy blanket scarf picks up all the colors of every individual piece, yet that bright yellow pops against my sea of neutrals. Fo…