Monday, March 4, 2019

TBB Asks, March 2019 - All About Shopping.

A new month. A new edition of "The Blended Blog Asks". This one in particular is a favorite of mine because it is all about shopping. I am a blogger after all, mostly a fashion blogger. Shopping is a favorite past-time of this clotheshorse! Read on my answers, below.

1} Loft. Target. Banana Republic/Express. But I also love H+M, Abercrombie, Nordstrom, Macy's, DSW, White House Black Market, Ann Taylor, Talbot's and sometimes Gap and Old Navy. Oops that was a total of lucky 13 lol! But the top four stores I mentioned are definitely my favorites!! 
2} In store for sure. I like seeing, feeling, touching and sometimes trying on the clothes. I do in-store pick ups for Target, Loft, Nordstrom and Abercrombie, though. Every now and then I do shop online though.
3} Shoes and Skirts. I have always been a shoe-lover and my collection is massive. I may or may have not picked up a couple of pair of cute shoes in the kids department (for me =D) just yesterday. You guys also know that I love skirts and dresses but I find shopping for a skirt as a favorite shopping item to get because skirts can convey different moods and different styles, also different seasons. I wear all and every kind of skirt: denim, tweed, leather, knit, mini, maxi, midi, A-line, pleated, metallic, silky, pencil skirts, sporty skirts and even some skorts. You have especially seen my huge love for skirts on this blog, over the last year or so. I love shopping for skirts. I think Loft, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Nordstrom, Chicwish and H+M always have some fabulous skirts.
4} This might be a common thing for most women but I HATE shopping for bras and underwear and lingerie in general. Honestly, bras are usually harder to shop for than panties. Like I always have to try a bra on and I swear every size and brand fits differently.
5} For me - probably shopping for my wedding dresses (yes, there was more than one dress but just ONE Wedding!). Nowadays I love, love shopping for my daughter Vivian, especially for girly things like dresses, rompers, cute shoes, accessories, bows, skirts and such.
6} I don't mind shopping with Vivian or my mom, especially if I am shopping for things for them. But as much as I love these ladies, it can be hectic. My mom is super picky and takes a long time to choose whatever she is shopping for. Vivian on the other hand wants a lot of things or gets too excited and sometimes she gets bored and restless. In general I prefer shopping alone, for sure! It takes me the least and I am in my comfort zone!
7} So many great bargains. The last one was these Adorable, Very Comfortable, Brand-New Ballet Flats (from a regular store not a thrift store) for $2.98. That's less than a 'fancy' coffee these days.
8} Yes, I have done some thrift-store shopping. Vivian's last Halloween costume was thrift-shopped (brand-new with tags) and I have gotten 3 amazing, good-as-new blazers thrifting.
9} Best cities for shopping?! Big cities for sure: Chicago, New York, Paris, Tirana (capital of Albania), Toronto, Rome, London, etc.!
10} This is so hard. From a different era it is definitely Audrey Hepburn. These days I admire several ladies for their different style: Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and Meghan Markle among others. All have very different styles but all look spectacular all the time!