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Little Navy Dress, Sporty Americana.

How was your Monday everyone? Hard to believe how fast September went and this is the last week of it. I never discuss politics here but we have to choose a new president soon. Did anyone catch part one of the presidential debate yesterday? I thought it was very interesting. They both made valid points. I think each candidate wants what is best for this country and its people but will they achieve it? Do you plan on voting the first Tuesday of November? I sure do. I think voting is one of the biggest rights we have as American citizens and shouldn't be taken for granted. How do you feel regarding this matter?
If you remember, a month ago, for the first time I showed you how I wore my new LND (Little Navy Dress) and it was for work. Back then I mentioned that a week later or so, I would show you a casual way to wear/style this dress. Just like last time, I paired the dress with red and white. Well a week went by, a month went by and I didn't post the casual look, until today. I …