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Third Thursday Thoughts (on a Friday), May 2017.

OK, so it is Friday today but I started thinking and writing this post yesterday, on the third Thursday of May. First of all, can you even believe this is the 3rd Thursday of May?! The way 2017 is going, we are almost half way there. We will be scrapping our cars off of snow and wrapping Christmas presents before we know it. Here is a big dump for this Third Thursday Thoughts, on a Friday.

- I also mentioned in my last post, that I have had a busy week at home. So I have done some (but not as much as I'd like to) Spring cleaning, purging and organizing. If you guys follow me on Insta Stories (and you should :-]]), you may have seen that I tackled (most) of Vivian's closets the other day. I purged a lot of things, I set a bunch aside to give away, I set some aside to re-think them and then I stored the Winter stuff in boxes and bags and I started organizing her Summer clothes into the drawers in categories like leggings in one, skirts in another, long-sleeve tees in another, soc…