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Hurricane Talk, Parantheses, Gray and Green.

It is scary THAT no matter how many thousands of miles away we may live from each-other, a major Cause of Nature (or Natural Disaster if you will), can affect the entire world. I have been reading a lot about Hurricane Sandy today and I even read an article where they broke it down by states. So far it seems to be affecting about 23 states of US, some lucky ones very little (Ohio, Illinois, Michigan), compared to others that are hit the hardest (New York. New Jersey, Maine, Maryland). It seems to be moving to Canada next. Seriously though as big as the world is, Mother Nature can truly do a number on us when a grave hurricane like this, hits. My heart and prayers go to all those families, businesses, cities, schools, etc. affected by this, especially the millions who do not have power. Hopefully by Thursday, most of it will be cleared, life will be back to normal (somewhat), flights will not ne canceled and such.

On a lighter note, here is my outfit for today. I am wearing Gray and sp…