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Reflections and Fashions.

Hi guys. How was your weekend? We have a little get-together about Vivian this Sunday, since she celebrated her 4th birthday. We have some family members coming over.

Anyway, I rarely write about politics in here, my focus is fashion and family but you know it is my blog so I can write about politics if I feel like it.

I am against the Women's March on Washington "revolution" (if I can call it that) that is currently happening in many large cities of USA: Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston etc. Yes I am a woman, a feminist even. Yes, I appreciate and stand up for women everywhere. I do not support men that treat women unfairly, or who consider women like sex objects etc. I am also an immigrant, who like most immigrants that have come to USA, is here to live her American dream, especially since several years ago, I am proud to say that I hold an American citizenship. I have voted every time there has been an election, heck I even voted from another country. To tell you the truth,…