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Thursday Moda #100: A Special Celebration with a $200 Target Giveaway.

Hi everyone and welcome to this milestone Thursday Moda linkup because we made it to triple digits and today Thursday Moda is 100 weeks old, which means almost 2 full years. It has been 2 years of many sleepless nights (just like tonight), a lot of work, outfit changes, photography, editing, collaborations and decoding HTML and SEO's for you and me both but it has been a very fun and stylish ride along the way. And you know what I do it ALL by myself, while working a full-time job and raising a child. So, today you and I both celebrate and I don't even have any of the typical anniversary "blogging props" that most bloggers use (like balloons, numbers, cake with a candle on top, cupcakes, confetti, champagne or fresh flowers). Instead my only 'prop' is my glass of Cabernet Wine (a good kind too) and it wasn't even a prop at all, because I drank it to the last drop. 
For today's special post I am wearing the current biggest/on trend colors of 2018: red a…

Recapping My Style from 2017: The Best of July thru December, in Numbers.

Happy last week of 2018!! How is it that January is already vanished?!

Today I am recapping the last 6 months of my favorite styles (that I shared on the blog) from 2017. When recapping these favorite outfits I didn't have a specific number of favorite outfits, in mind. I blogged 234 times in 2017 which is about 2/3rds of the year (if you look at the year divided into 365 days). Give or take I probably blogged about 220 outfits since most of my posts were style posts and the rest were life-style posts, shopping/gift guides, etc. Overall, - since we are talking numbers - these are my favorite 29 looks I shared from July 1st through December 31st on the blog. I will comment on a few of these outfits and do a little mini recap+reflection on each month. Also, you can see January-June's Favorite Looks here.

To see my top most favorite outfits of 2017, check out the #bestnine post. You shouldn't miss it!

July 2017.
July was my favorite Summer month of outfits. No wonder I have 9 (NI…