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A Flax-seed, Plum and Grapes Salad for Fall.

Anyone that really knows my eating habits, knows that I love a good salad. Of course the usual, typical salads are good but changing it up every now and then is good for your taste buds, also. The salad I made recently is healthy, slightly sweet, delicious and has so many other health benefits because of the flax seeds I used. It is also a Fall-inspired Salad.

Ingredients for an entree portion or a 1-person serving:
-Romaine Lettuce (about 3-4 oz.), -Large Green Grapes (about 8-10 grapes), -A Medium Sized Red, Juicy Plum cut into slices, -Dried Cranberries (about 15-16 pieces or a full soup spoon), -Flax Seeds (a full soup spoon), -Feta Cheese (2 soup spoons), -Lemon (2 wedges), -Black Pepper (a pinch).
After washing the lettuce and all the fruit, I added them to my salad bowl. I then added the dried cranberries, the feta cheese and lastly the flax seeds. I mixed them lightly with a fork. Then I squeezed my two lemon wedges into the salad, instead of a dressing. Last, I added a pinch of black p…