Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Flax-seed, Plum and Grapes Salad for Fall.

Anyone that really knows my eating habits, knows that I love a good salad. Of course the usual, typical salads are good but changing it up every now and then is good for your taste buds, also. The salad I made recently is healthy, slightly sweet, delicious and has so many other health benefits because of the flax seeds I used. It is also a Fall-inspired Salad.

Ingredients for an entree portion or a 1-person serving:

-Romaine Lettuce (about 3-4 oz.),
-Large Green Grapes (about 8-10 grapes),
-A Medium Sized Red, Juicy Plum cut into slices,
-Dried Cranberries (about 15-16 pieces or a full soup spoon),
-Flax Seeds (a full soup spoon),
-Feta Cheese (2 soup spoons),
-Lemon (2 wedges),
-Black Pepper (a pinch).

After washing the lettuce and all the fruit, I added them to my salad bowl. I then added the dried cranberries, the feta cheese and lastly the flax seeds. I mixed them lightly with a fork. Then I squeezed my two lemon wedges into the salad, instead of a dressing. Last, I added a pinch of black pepper, and slightly mixed the salad in some more, using a fork. Because the feta is salty, I didn't use salt at all. The crunchiness of the lettuce and the flax seeds, mixed with the sweetness of the grapes, plums + cranberries, the sourness of the lemon, as well the saltiness of the cheese, made this taste delicious. Even Vivian tried a bite and she liked it OK.
Of course, I love eating my salads with a few slices of Italian bread. I leave a slice or two towards the end so I can dip my bread in. The natural juice created by the fruits and the lemon I squeezed into the salad, is so yummy. Also, the plums, grapes and dried cranberries are current fruits/dried fruits of the season, so try this fresh, very healthy and juicy salad now for Fall. And of course the tiny flax seeds have great benefits for your health. They help prevent cancer and heart diseases. They help against breast cancer. They improve the overall  health of your heart and they are so good for your metabolism and digestive system. They help lower your cholesterol and keep your weight at a healthy level. They increase your immunity and decrease your bone loss.
So did I convince you yet? Will you start using flax seeds in your diet now? Furthermore, are you willing to try this salad? If you end up making it, let me know how it came out and whether you liked it. Thanks.

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