Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012 in Red Sweaters.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!! I hope you are all having a Great, Blessed, Beautiful, Unforgettable Day Today, opening presents under the tree, drinking eggnog, laughing, eating and enjoying each-other's company. We had a lovely Christmas Lunch today with my Husband, my In-Laws and his Grandma. The food was delightful. Myself & the Baby Girl enjoyed it. 

My husband and I hadn't taken any photos together in a while and we want to enjoy the belly while I am still pregnant. So in honor of the pregnancy and since it was Christmas today, we had a mini photo-shoot done at our home, in the living room. Considering how we took our photos together with a timer, they came out great. So I am sharing these pics with you today because they are definitely festive. Ohh and the little pink shoes were purchased from my mom as a Christmas Gift for our baby, so my husband thought they would make the perfect ornament at the top of the tree - great idea that I loved. BTW, my husband and I are wearing matching red sweaters. We also wore Red (and Black) last year on 2011, How do you like them?

 These 2 above are My Most Favorite Photos from today. =)
Raspberry-Red, Light Knit, Puffy Sleeve Sweater w/ Draped Neckline: Arden B.
Charcoal Gray, Elastic Synthetic Leggings w/ Zippers off the Side: Express.
Long Chain Necklace w/ Fake Pearls & Iridescent Glass Beads: White House Black Market.
Grayish-Blue Stone, Teardrop Earrings w/ Silver Rhinestone Bow Detail: Fred's Jewelry.
Silver Chain Bracelet: Kohl's.
 Leather Suede, Slouchy, Gray Boots: Skechers.

My Husband's Outfit:
Red, Cotton, V-Neck Sweater: Old Navy.
Black Pants: Old Navy.
Cashmere-Blend, Dark Gray Scarf: Purchased in Albania.
Black Leather Shoes: A Shoe Boutique in Albania.
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