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Blue, Gray, Python and Ikat.

Hi all and Happy Almost Friday. I am taking a little break from the Fashion Challenge this week to bring you a recent outfit. I am already behind with posting outfits and the challenge puts me even more behind but anyway. I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago for a doctor's appointment I had to go to. All is very good after Pregnancy, I am glad to report. =)

I had gotten the hair done (colored & cut 4 and a half inches off) just the night before. I hope you are able to tell. There is something about freshly-done hair. Even if I was wearing sweats, with this new hair I would have looked good, put-together. When you get your hair done, the hair is smoother and automatically looks and feels better & silkier. She even styled it for me. I hope you can tell the difference. I took my time doing my makeup that day, too. The doctor I went to see, saw me during the entire time of my pregnancy, each month. I wanted to look good! The button-down I am wearing today is a Silk & W…

Three Dresses - Four Ways.

For today's challenge we have dresses. I chose not one but 3 dresses to showcase today. They are all very different but they have proven quite versatile. I love them all, especially the Sweater Dress with the Lace Palettes on each sleeve, going down.

The Colorblock Dress featuring three colors: Teal, Emerald Green & Brown has been in my closet since Summer 2006 and it is from Forever 21. It was one of the purchases where I asked myself "Should I buy it? How versatile will it be?" Now I am glad I bought it, because I can even make it work for other seasons behind Summer, as I have shown with one of the looks. The Olive-Green, 3/4-Sleeve Sweater Dress with the Lace detail was added to my closet in Fall of 2011 and was purchased on clearance from Ann Taylor Loft. It is a size Small but it is slightly big on me, however I like the more lose fit and it worked well while I was pregnant. And the Silk Shantung Sleeveless Sheath with the Paint-Like Flower Print, is also from …