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May 2014 Reflections and Top 3 Looks.

This post is coming a lot later than usual, but I have had a very busy June. The blog has been taking more of a backseat these last couple of weeks. I happen to think that despite the days being longer, we are busier in the Summer. I also recapped my 30 for 30 challenge late. So anyway, better late than never.

In May, I posted 24 times, which give or take it means I took a whole week off from blogging - much necessary. (As I have mentioned before, I try not to let blogging make me tired and I rarely schedule posts ahead due to time.) Not counting the 3 Outfits (left over) from the 30 for 30 challenge, I showed you guys 22 Outfits, and there were 4 two-fer posts. There were 3 posts where I didn't show any OOTDs at all. Vivian made some appearances but not as many as before. It is hard taking photos of here lately. She is always running around. We had a few cold days in May so you saw the last of my Sweaters and Boots in a couple of Outfits. When the weather started warming up you s…