Thursday, September 26, 2013

Neon Orange, Highlighter Pink and Oxblood.

Every day I thank God for the BEST GIFT he gave my husband and I on January 19th 2013 - Our Beautiful Daughter Vivian. Sometimes it feels surreal, even though 8+ months have passed by. I get to hold her, feed her, hug her, cuddle with her, kiss her, play with her, dress her up, bathe her, care for her and love her every single day. In return she pays me with beautiful, genuine smiles, poopy diapers, gentle touches, naps on my arms, some crabby fits and lots and lots of love. I know I am her Mom and I am biased but besides being darling and sweet she is drop dead gorgeous. Today, as I went for Coffee & Shopping with a friend, I was told by dozens of people of how Beautiful she is - 2 of which even commented about starting her on commercials and ads. This is a Super Proud Mom right here. I am lucky to be Vivian's Mommy. <3 font="">

Moving on to the OTTD. It reached up to 75 high today in Michigan. So I figured I would grab the sunny day by its horn (so to speak) and wear a favorite Summer Clothing Item - Shorts. And not just any Shorts. I probably grabbed the brightest pair I own, mixed with one of the brightest Tees too. I purchased these Shorts & the V-Neck Tee within the same week, this August, and ultimately thought about pairing them together. They both have Super Bright Neon Orange & Highlighter Pink on them. The Tee has Stripes while the Shorts are a Tie-Dye Pattern. I grabbed  my Oxblood Ostrich Skinny Belt with Matching Oxblood Jade Crystal Necklace, added some Orange Sandals and was out of the door. The baby wore a brand new Purple-Pink Skirt Set. What do you think of Our Outfits?

Speaking of Pink: I Vow to wear Pink at least twice a week, every week in October. It is Breast Cancer Month after all and that is a cause close to my heart. I got a Great October prepared ahead for you all, filled with lots of Fashion Challenges, New things to wear, Collaborations, Guests, Adorable Baby Pictures & Cute Outfits (I hope), so Stay Tuned!

F.Y.I. This is My Parents' GORGEOUS Living Room. I have been asked about this room, several times on the blog, so I wanted to let you know. They did a Great Job with the Interior Design didn't they? And I love the main Rug. =)
Neon Orange & Light Pink, 100% Cotton, Short-Sleeve, V-neck Tee: Old Navy (New).
Neon Orange & Light Pink, Tie-Dye Shorts: Gap (New).
Burgundy, Patent Leather, Faux Ostrich, Skinny Belt: White House Black Market.
Silver, Cashew-shaped, Hopp EarringsWhite House Black Market.
Burgundy, Real Jade, Beaded Necklace: White House Black Market.
Real Gold Chain Bracelet: Gifted.
Real Gold & Diamond Wedding Band & Engagement Ring: from My Husband.
Silver Ring w/ Circle, Green Opal Stone: A Local Jewelry Store (New & Gifted).
Orange, Faux Leather, Braided, Thong Sandals: Aeropostale.

Vivian's Outfit:
Hot Pink, Tiered Skirt w/ Embroided Musical Notes + Matching Ruffled Tee: Caramell (New).
Baby Pink, Chiffon Flower Pins: Clippers.
Fuchsia & Navy Socks: Wal Mart.

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