Monday, November 28, 2016

Home Fall Tour 2016.

These days my home and mantle is looking very much like Christmas and I realize it is the end of November but technically it is still Fall and I meant to bring you my Home Fall Tour sometime in mid to late October. Oh well, better late than never, right? I decided it to share it anyways. 

I will mostly let the photos do the talking. As you see I mixed lots of pumpkins both real and fake into my decor, here. Lots of dark reds, oranges, some greens and burgundy shades in the mix. It helps that most of our dining room is actually in these colors. I also like to do a coffee, hot chocolate and cookies bar once every season and I had yet to do a Fall one so I did this year.

My Coffee/Candy/Chocolate/Cookie Bar.
Come on over!!
In case you are wondering, there is vanilla-filled cookies, candy corn, Lindor truffles, hot cocoa, Oreo cookies, freshly-brewed coffee and freshly-picked apples in here. The little pumpkin-shaped shaker has cinnamon powder to add to the coffee or hot chocolate, if you like.

The Dining Room area and more of the Kitchen area:
That little embroidered table-cloth is one of many my mom has embroidered and we still have to this day.

Vivian's little pink and purple Halloween baskets were filled with her little/miniature toys.

And a little bit of the outside decor. We took these photos on Halloween night before Vivian went trick or treating, for her very first time. She was a butterfly. But I didn't do a great job painting her face. Makeup has never been my forte, sorry.

How was your Halloween, Thanksgiving and Fall so far? What have you all been doing?!
The linkup will be live Wednesday night at 8.00 PM Eastern, right here. See you soon!