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Dress Week: 4th of July Red, White and Navy Dresses.

Happy Birthday America!! My Little Sweetheart is ready in Red, White and Blue. She is my Firework for sure. This little 17-month old baby girl is so full of energy, strength and fire just like the Grand United States of America. =)
I started my Dress Week with a Striped/Nautical little T-Shirt Dress, then middle of the week I had another Striped, Nautical + Patriotic Look for you. And, in between those Striped Dresses I showed you Floral Dress #1 which had a lot of Red, White+Blue as an Outfit and Floral Dress #2 which was the only one non-patriotic look of this week. So it's only fitting that I end the week with another T-Shirt Dress which is Striped, Nautical, Patriotic, Red, White and Blue. Of course today is the 4th of July and this is the PERFECT DRESS for this Holiday celebrating America's Birthday and Independence. I told you I saved the best for last.

I purchased this Dress for $37 but it was originally about triple that. It is the softest light Knit material and I love …