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Two Quite-Casual Outfits for Work.

Hello All. This week is going by quickly. It's still mid-week but by Thursday we all fantasize about the weekend. Unfortunately my weekends are kind of crap as I work either Saturdays or Sundays (all day, 14 hours) but the one day I am off, I try to spend quality time with my love, clean and run errands around the house and make the best of the weekend, altogether!

Today I bring you not one but two casual outfits. I am not particularly proud of any of them and both of those days (when these photos were taken) I was not feeling so great and I was especially tired, and this shows on the pics, on top of my outfits not being excited. But after a Hot Pink Dress and a great outfit - which also got some great reviews - I figured I should post this. I like to keep this blog as real as I can and stop my failures or not-so-great-outfits, as well as my successes and great outfits. I got away with wearing both of these outfits to work, by the way.

Outfit Numero Uno: Sweetheart-Neckline, Lace-Tr…