Friday, August 23, 2019

How to Style a Hat in the Summer.

I have always loved hats. I own quite a few of them, Summer, Spring+Fall and Winter Hats and Caps, Berets, Cloche Hats and Beanies. I stopped wearing them for a few years before I moved back to Albania in 2011, but then I started wearing them again, especially as a new mom. I ended up purchasing a lot of fun hats in Albania too, during the 4 years I lived there. I found and wore so many fun unique hats there. Albania has a ton of boutiques and it is less likely to find the same items everywhere, unless you are shopping the malls. And while I stayed in Europe, I wore them with confidence besides the fact that you walk a lot, or are using public transportation often, etc. I love hats for the Summer especially because they do double duty as a fashionable accessory and keeping your face protected from the sun. Plus, during a bad hair day or when your hair hasn't been washed in a while, a hat is always a great idea! LOL But, besides the beach and on vacation, I haven't really worn any of my hats this Summer. With that being said Summer isn't over so I plan on wearing a hat soon, including one during the Labor Day Weekend! But, let's recap on some past Summer Outfits and how and when and where I have worn and styled a hat!

These outfits are pretty dressy. The top one features a ruffled floral wrap-style skirt paired with a pinstriped blouse with a rounded little collar and I am wearing camel laceup block heels and I styled it with my Beachy Graphic "Life is Sweet" Hat. The bottom one I am wearing one of my floral camisole fit+flare dresses by Old Navy (I talked about and styled another one in one of my latest posts too) with red wedge sandals but I chose a Panama Hat for this look. I love both of these Summer looks from two summers ago. This styling is a great way to dress down and add a casual, beach vibe to a girly, semi-dressy outfit.

I added this Beautiful Floppy Straw Hat to my collection two Summers ago. I love the wide blue+white stripped ribbon around it. Probably my favorite Target Hat. I styled it with a casual look. I think a Beachy Straw Hat looks great with white skinny jeans, especially if you add some blue to the look, like I did with this casual cold-shoulder top. This outfit is monochromatic but I added a pop of color with those red laceup ghillie sandals by Gap. Do you like pairing White Skinny Jeans with a Straw Floppy Hat for Summer?! Besides styling a hat with denim shorts this has to be a close second favorite for me.

Of course, the most common way to wear a Summer Hat is at the beach with a swimsuit. Here I have styled three different style hats with three different style swimsuits. First, I paired my Graphic "Life is Sweet" Statement Floppy Beach Hat with a Floral Pink One-Piece Suit. I love that the pink of the hat picks up all the pinks in the swimsuit, creating a monochromatic look. Then, I styled the same Straw Floppy Hat (that I wore with the white skinny jeans) with a 2-piece floral swimsuit and my hair is down. Love this easy-breezy and very girly look. Last but not least I styled a Light Pink Straw Hat with a Big Statement Bow on the back with a 2-piece mismatched swimsuit (black bikini top and black floral bikini bottom). How do you wear your summer hats at the beach?! Which of these 3 beach looks are your favorites?!

Throwing it back to this beautiful outfit from last Summer in Grand Haven. Jumpsuits and rompers are a one-piece must have item for me in my closet, for Spring and Summer. While on vacation, I think to add more to that vacation beachy vibe by wearing a hat. Add a Panama Hat, a Straw Hat or a Floppy Hat to your jumpsuits and rompers. Even more so if the jumpsuit is floral or in a bright color like mine is. I doubled on the beachy summer factor here since I matched my "Do Not Disturb" Statement Straw Hat with a Matching Straw Tote (by Target). Do you like wearing jumpsuits and rompers in the Summer with a hat?!

Always a good idea to keep it nautical while wearing a Summer Hat. Think stripes, beach prints (lobster, cactus, suns, anchors, sea stars etc.) Americana looks or nautical details like my navy blue mini skirt in both of the outfits above. These outfits are from 4 Summers ago when Vivian was a cute little toddler. I was staying home with her. I felt put together in these looks because I chose to be comfortable but stylish. Notice the colorful jewelry - always make the jewelry stand out in the Summer - and both times I wore some comfy but stylish loafers, be it the American flag slip-on sneakers or the classic red leather boat shoes. FYI Both of these beautiful Floppy Hats are from Albania but I left them there =( unfortunately. I love the fun pattern and details on both of these hats. Do you own a Colorful floppy Hat?! Do you like wearing Summer Hats with Nautical Outfits?

Styling a hat with a sundress is always a great idea! Probably the most common way to wear a dress with a hat during the summertime. As far as shoes go, you can do sandals, block heels, laceup shoes, sneakers, boat shoes, slides, mules, slip-ons, wedges or loafers. I just wouldn't do stilettos, pumps or booties/boots with a summer dress and a summer hat lol. This olive green comfortable cotton dress by Wal-Mart is nothing special but the red ghillie sandals, navy floppy hat with an anchor on the back, colorblocked wide bangle and fun statement butterfly necklace make it less boring while still keeping it casual and weekend-friendly for a busy mom running after a young child. When was the last time you wore one of your summer dresses with a hat?!

Last but not least I wanted to show two outfits on how you can transition into Fall by wearing a hat. You can do that with your felt floppy hats or your light summer/straw floppy hats. These two outfits have similarities in them as in I am wearing a floral, long-sleeve dress in both of them and I layered on top of the dress both times. Also, I am wearing booties with each outfit. But the first dress is an A-line Trapeze Dress and I paired it with a waist-length cardigan on top and even layered leggings underneath. I chose open-side perforated suede booties with this look. While on the second outfit, I am wearing a floral mini sheath which I layered with a long cascading vest on top and some ruched velvet booties. With either outfit if it is warm enough and you don't want to layer, you can skip the cardigan or the vest and go with the long-sleeve dress alone. How do you transition your Summer Hats into Fall?! How do you style a Hat when it is between Summer and Autumn?!

Hope you liked this throwback "How To" Post today as I took a look down memory lane in different ways I have styled several of my hats for Summer. Hope you liked my little collection of hats lol.