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How to Style a Hat in the Summer.

I have always loved hats. I own quite a few of them, Summer, Spring+Fall and Winter Hats and Caps, Berets, Cloche Hats and Beanies. I stopped wearing them for a few years before I moved back to Albania in 2011, but then I started wearing them again, especially as a new mom. I ended up purchasing a lot of fun hats in Albania too, during the 4 years I lived there. I found and wore so many fun unique hats there. Albania has a ton of boutiques and it is less likely to find the same items everywhere, unless you are shopping the malls. And while I stayed in Europe, I wore them with confidence besides the fact that you walk a lot, or are using public transportation often, etc. I love hats for the Summer especially because they do double duty as a fashionable accessory and keeping your face protected from the sun. Plus, during a bad hair day or when your hair hasn't been washed in a while, a hat is always a great idea! LOL But, besides the beach and on vacation, I haven't really worn …