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Spring Must Haves: Floral.

In almost 2 and a half years that I have been blogging regularly, I have had the opportunity to "meet" a bunch of other ladies who love blogging, shopping and fashion just as much as I do. Some friendships have formed. Some of my most favorite posts have been Guest Posts where I have featured different bloggers (like Monday's post) and especially the Collaboration Posts. Though I am not going to lie, the few times I have been asked to Guest Post has been awesome, also. =)

Last year in the Summer I started a series called "Moms' Summer Must Haves". Which then I continued it every season for several weeks each season. I did the Summer edition with AGI of Vodka Infused Lemonade, then the Fall edition with HEATHER of Style Journey and rounding up this year's Winter edition with LAURA of I Do deClaire for which we even did a link-up on our final week. I am late with the Spring edition since I realize it's already May but it had to be pushed because I chal…