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Velvet. Silk. Leather. Wool.

Hello everyone. How was your Monday? It was the last Monday of January and this is the last week of January, can you believe it? 
I am back again with another dress and one of my Winter Blazers, today. This Outfit is all about mixing Textures: Velvet - the Blazer, Silk - the Dress, Leather - the Boots and Wool - the Scarf. Now, this Dress is totally Summery. It is Sleeveless, in a light Silk material. However it does have a thin lining. I made it warm enough layered with my Blazer and that Infinity Wool Scarf (the right pop of Color to this Neutral Look). The Scarf is Teal with speckles of Purple and it has a few sequins also (which are hard to see). I also accessorized with Cognac Boots (which go with everything), Rose Bud Studs, a Butterfly Cocktail Ring and some Bright Red Lipstick. Do you own a Leopard or Snow Leopard Dress? I found many adorable Gray/Snow Leopard Dresses (which I linked below) with different price options, also.
Dressy, Gray, Velvet Blazer w/ Ruffle Trim: White Ho…