Monday, November 5, 2012

Pink, Gold, Khaki, Stripes and Paisley.

Ahhh it has been a crappy, hectic, very loaded day at work. And it is just the start of a long, hectic week. Anyway the least said about this, the better. So I am going to (secretly) squeeze in a few minutes to blog this outfit today from my busy and disorganized (at the moment) office.

This outfit once again features leggings which I love anytime. Even more now that I am pregnant and my comfort level needs to be at a high. I also love this long, stretchy tee that sparkles a bit due to the metallic threads of the gold part of it. It stays so smoothly over my belly. I layered with a colorful paisley scarf and a khaki blazer that goes with everything, and this was a great outfit for an evening out with a friend (for coffee and dessert). And I just realized, I am wearing Express head to toe pretty much, here. I love that brand and their sales. =)

Hope your Monday was good & fun (unlike mine)!!

Hot Pink & Metallic Gold, Comfortable, Stretchy, Long-Sleeve, Stripped Tee: Express.
3/4-Sleeve, Long, Cotton, Khaki, Boyfriend Blazer: Express.
Charcoal Gray, Elastic Synthetic Leggings w/ Zippers off the Side: Express.
Lavender, Baby Blue & Pink, Paisley Print Pashmina Scarf: A Street Boutique in Tirana.
Big, Circle, Orange Stud Earrings: Express.
Braided, Knotted, Silk Woven, Silk Gold Headband: Pacific Sunwear.
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.
P.S. I am linking today with Patti for her Fabulous Visible Mondays. This is the 71st week she does this. =)