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Bows, Reds and Fair Isle for Vivian and I on Christmas Eve.

Hello. It's almost New Year. Happy New Year's Eve! I have a Special New Year's Eve Outfit coming to the blog tomorrow, just a few hours before midnight strikes in Albania. So stay tuned for that. =) But for today I am showing you my Casual yet Festive Christmas Eve Outfit from this year.

Christmas Eve is not a big deal in Albania. I wish it was. Truth is, the ones that are Christian do celebrate it and follow traditions, but work-places are open regular hours so people end up being at work until late. I didn't even wrap all of Vivian's Presents until late on Christmas Eve (after she fell asleep), but then she found them under the tree in the morning. I wore this New Sweater with embellished Silver+Gold Big Bow on the front and 3 smaller Bows on the back. I wanted a Bow Sweater badly and I finally found one I liked and for a good price (20 bucks) I purchased it. I do have Red Pants & Jeans but I hadn't worn these Corduroy Pants since I styled them as Mom'…