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Some Shimmer, a Little Red and a Dash of Leopard.

Good Morning. Another early-in-the-week day is upon us and it is pretty warm and sunny around here. Warm yet cool enough for a little sweater and/or blazer, but it feels Fall-ish, at least. The traffic was BEYOND AWFUL this morning, a lot of pedestrians but especially a ton of cars, like double what you see on a typical work-day during an early morning hour. I know this entire week there is a big activity going on titled "Photography & Fashion" which features the best/most recognized Albanian Photographer Fadil Berisha (he also works for Miss Teen Usa, Miss USA & Miss Universe, among a ton of Fashion editorials and other things). He currently resides in New York City but is here to celebrate 100 years of Albania's Independence. Yesterday felt by far one of the longest working Mondays for me. The day was dragging and dragging and dragging. The fact that I had to leave work 45 minutes later than usual didn't help matters, at all. I hope today goes by fast and t…