Sunday, April 15, 2018

Lots of Dots of Colors.

I am pulling a look out of my archives today, worn exactly three years ago, in Spring of 2015. Our weather has been so cold and dreary this April. So many grey days, so much rain, some snow and some frozen rain too. Nights have been in the 20s and days in the 30s. Taking photos in the cold and especially when it is so rainy, has become hard. I still have many new unedited photo outfits to post but between being busy and being a little sick these last few days, I have had a hard time posting those outfits. Anyhow, I really wanted to post this particular outfit - despite the quality of the photos (I am sorry) - because it is so chic and so perfect for a business casual office, on a Spring day. I also happen to love several pieces in this outfit that I don't own anymore: the Grey Blouse with the Fuchsia/Magenta Polka Dots and those Nude Peep-Toe Little Wedges that have Rainbow Dots on them. I wore them a lot while I was living in Albania and even wore them to work. Ditto with my pencil skirts, especially this Black Pencil Skirt. I also love love my Blue Ostrich Crossbody Bag with the Cranberry Red Heart - I wish I still would have brought this from when I moved back from Albania to the States.

That is why I titled this post "Lots of Dots of Colors" because I have the fuchsia dots on the blouse, the ostrich dots on the bag, the green, blue, orange and ivory dots on the wedge sandals, as well as the dots on that colorful beaded baby blue/white/red/navy bracelet. Even my earrings are a drop style with a champagne-colored bead shaped like a dot (a circle). My Cocktail Ring with the Light Orange Stone is also shaped like a dot or a circle. And despite all the dots and all the colors in this outfit - which are in subtle splashes - this outfit is very simple and pretty monochromatic. I am also loving my hair here, it is the perfect long length - not too long. I was having a good day clearly because the hair was falling nicely and no grey roots in sights. My makeup was nice and simple too: a little foundation, a little mascara and a bright fuchsia lipstick to match the dots of my pretty dotted blouse. Last but not least, I was in great shape and I am glad to say that I am back to this weight and under 130 lbs. The end result is that I love this outfit and even-though it's a throwback post, outfits like this are always classic and stylish and would work for any year. It is a chic and polished work look. Do you guys like this outfit, would you wear it now for Spring?! Do you like seeing throwback outfits every now and then?! I'd say 60% of my readers are newer from the last year or so, so most of you haven't seen these outfits, before. Let me know in the comments, please and thank you.