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Thursday Moda #204: What Love Looks Like.

Hi guys. I am back with a beautiful, raw, emotional, romantic poem I just wrote. The original, first version of this poetry was written back on January 27th 2005, that is 15 years ago. Glad I found my poetry books and am able to look at my past written work. I wanted to revisit this particular poem especially because I loved a lot of the metaphors and words that I used. The original poem was titled "Yesterday and Today", but the title that suits this one a lot more is "What Love Looks Like" so I went with it. So, let's read below what love looks like you all. And speaking of love and how unique, raw, fun, difficult, emotional, deep and insane it can be please watch "Love is Blind" on Netflix - currently the number one show on Netflix. I binge-watched it all and tomorrow is the launch of the last and final episode. It is so good you guys. OK, poetry time!!

WHAT  LOVE  LOOKS  LIKE. (February 27th 2020, 9.00 A.M.)
Wind and dust, one colorless, the other dirt…

Thursday Moda #203: Red and Pink on a Snow Winter White Day.

I wore this outfit today on a sunny but very cold day, filled with lots of snow. And don't let that sun fool you, it was a very brisky and not-so-balmy weather, it was only 16 degrees the moment these photos were shot, around 9.00 AM today. My work outfit underneath was nothing special, quite boring actually: black dressy pants, black sweater and black booties. Definitely nothing exciting for a blogger. And I couldn't pose with my entirely-black (and boring) outfit, outside either, because I would freeze to death and I have already had a cold for 11 days, that is the last thing I need LOL. But make no mistake I kept things beautiful, cozy, bright and colorful on top of the outfit, with my outerwear. As a matter of fact I wore...
RED  AND  PINK  ON  A  SNOW  WINTER  WHITE  DAY. And I am wearing my favorite Pink Puffer Jacket - this baby pink puffer coat from Land's End (my second Winter with it) - with a Wine Red Burgundy Velvet Newsboy Cap (purchased from Albania, for over a…

Thursday Moda #202: Mommy+Daughter Valentine's Looks + Collaboration.

This Thursday Moda post is super super late today because I have been sick since Sunday and by far last night was the worst I have felt during this cold, I barely slept and I even had to call off work today, after all no one could even hear my voice. I have been laying in bed and trying to relax and get better all day and even napped on+off. But, since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, today on February 13th 2020 I had a very special Mother+Daughter Post I am collaborating on with my friend Laura and her daughter Claire, so here I am, many many hours late but still ready to have the post go LIVE finally!
We ended up wearing these particular Valentine's Day looks last Sunday (10 days ago) to church and it was also the warmest our temperatures have been this Winter since it was up to 54-55 degrees and quite sunny. It has snowed 3 times since then, the latest of which was this morning. I went for a silky red blouse by H+M (new) paired with this comfortable pair of black skinny jeans by…

Best Friends - My Sweet Little Valentine.

My daughter Vivian - with that gorgeous perfect face and those brilliant, sparkling green-hazel-grey eyes - is my Sweet Little Valentine. She is my Sweet Little Valentine this year, last year, two years ago, since when she was less than a month old and 'celebrated' her very first Valentine's, basically since the moment she was born. This post is dedicated to her, my amazing seven year old (she turned 7 less than a month ago on January 19th) who wrapped up the first semester of first grade with a wonderful report card. It is about time I do a style post just on her. Though she is no stranger to fashion on my Instagram page, both on the feed and on my stories, especially when we show her daily school outfits which you all love. She even has her own hashtags that mommy uses: #whatvivianwore #whatvivianworetoschool #whatvivianworetochurch . In today's post I wanted to talk about my Vivian and focus on a few Valentine's Day Inspiration looks/outfits she has worn lately.…