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Head to Toe Blue in Between Seasons. And Linkup.

You guys all know that Red is my most favorite color. Well Blue and Yellow are at a tie for number two. I favor the bright yellows, however when it comes to blues I love them all: Royal Blue, Navy, Turquoise, Serenity, Sky Blue, Cobalt and everything in between. This outfit was worn about a month ago to a mall trip with my Sister-in-Law and in between seasons I wore head to toe blue. Can you count all my blues? There are 6 different shades of it: sandals, shorts, chambray shirt, necklace, earrings and sunglasses. I think blue is a great color to wear while we fully transition into Fall. Here in Michigan today was as high as 74 degrees, after all. Chambray is a good type of blue to do that and yes I am showing you Chambray two days in a row.
I am finally showing you these Loft Shorts. They are in Wide Royal Blue, Blush and Tan Stripes. And my New Wrap-Style V-Neck Chambray Popover is the softest and you can currently find it at Target. These pieces paired so well together and with my Go…