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A Thousand Million Times - Poetry.

A Beautiful, Raw, Sad, Heartbreaking, Thought-Provoking little Love Poem on this Thursday Midnight. Fresh from my mind and hands, just written. I hope you like it. I think, if not all, at least 70% of the people in this world can relate to it...! What do you think?! TGIF YOU ALL!

A  THOUSAND  MILLION  TIMES. [12.00 A.M. Midnight, Friday August 9th 2019.]
A thousand times I loved you, I kissed you, I fucked you... A thousand times we fought, we made up and made love after... A thousand times I fell in love with you, with your beautiful sky-greyish eyes, I fell in love with your darling words, in love with your sweet lies...
A million times I told myself you were my one and only, my home, my place, my heart, my yesterday, my now and my forever, A thousand times I told myself you were the only one for me, my hero, my lover, my partner, my husband, my drug, my person, my ecstasy!
A thousand times I forgot what that little voice within me told me, a thousand times I forgot all the times I felt lonely,…