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Serious Talk and an Outfit.

Good Morning Ladies. This morning I read a very interesting article about Bullying. Here it is, I am sharing it with you because I find the article to really be portraying bullying in today's society and we all can learn something from it, especially those of you who have kids. I, too, was bullied in Middle School (7th & 8th grade) and in High School. I did most of my High School in Albania & finished my Junior year as well as my entire Senior year in USA. I was bullied in both of my high schools, usually due to my very small, scrawny, little figure. I was very thin as a child and growing up as a teenager. Most of the bullying was verbal, but some of it was even physical. I was also very passive, not assertive enough, kept to myself, was shy and timid so with the exception of a couple of close friends, almost no one really knew how I felt. Many days I went home, locked myself in my room and started crying. It was awful. Sometimes I didn't even share it with my parents.…