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Holiday Guide 2017: Best Gifts Under $50 for Her + for Him.

There are a million gift guides out there. Bloggers, style+fashion websites, magazines, online subscriptions, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs - it looks like everyone has a gift guide this Holiday Season. I like to look at most of them actually because I like to see what others think and what fellow bloggers for example suggest as Christmas presents. I believe no two guides are alike. I, however, haven't looked at almost any shopping guides this year because 1] I haven't had time and 2] I have my own guides and my own ideas. But I definitely think we can all help one-another and learn from one-another so these gift guides are a great idea.
Today, I compiled a gift guide with 16 items I love, all under 50 bucks which you can buy for Him or for Her. You will see them all in detail below, after the collage. But I must say that if not one, another one of these presents will satisfy even that lady or gentleman that is hard to buy for. Take the two men's sweaters for example: they ar…