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A Home Filled with Flowers and Beautiful Silk Prints.

Happy Friday you all TGIF! I have a very long work Friday today but I am looking forward to the weekend and getting Vivian's wardrobe ready for the cold months (mine too). Fun fun fun!! LOL Today however, I am doing something I haven't done in a long long time, co-hosting a linkup. My dear and very fashionable European friend NANCY from Nancy's Fashion Style and I are co-hosting her regular Friday linkup. Nancy is a dear friend who loves skirts, dresses, jackets and pretty shoes+boots. She is quite stylish whether the weather is cold or warm. She does such a great job wearing broth bright colors or neutrals. Her and I have collaborated and co-hosted together before and she has joined my Blog Birthday Party the last couple of years. Below is her very chic outfit from today doing a monochromatic look in different shades of green and olive. I saw it on her Instagram first and commented and liked for sure. I love her dress and boots. Give me all the buttons on skirts+dresses a…