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Currently: August 2018. Plus Thursday Moda Linkup.

Happy August and Happy Linkup day everyone! Welcome to another Thursday Moda!
I am doing my "Currently" monthly post today as we welcome August. This month will be a no-buy month for me personally. It will be a frugal August, for sure. Between all the spendings I have done this year, getting a new car which was a big expense, and recently just coming back from Vacation, I have realized how much I have spent and I could have done without any of all those new things, seriously. I really, truly, most definitely need to have a no-buy month and I am hoping to have a no-buy rest of the year If I can, but let's take it one month at a time and see how I am doing. I will be keeping myself accountable for everything and hope to report back with satisfactory results. I need to be paying my bills and that, as well as saving $$ will be my focus for August! Fingers crossed! Pray for me (lol)!!

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