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#2016bestnine - My 9 Most Favorite Outfits of 2016.

Happy Twenty Seventeen you all! So, I promised a Holiday 2016 Home Tour and that is coming right after this post, I promise. But today, inspired by Instagram's #2016bestnine (the best nine of 2016), I wanted to share with you all the 9 best looks of 2016 that I have previously shared on the blog. I say the 9 best outfits in my opinion of course, (my 9 most favorite) I wore which where blogged, because there were at least another 70 outfits that were never blogged, some were never photographed and some never made it to the blog due to lack of time and as you saw I only blogged an average 4 days a week this past year. I must say 2016 in general was a very busy year for me as I started working a lot and not only part-time. 

Also, between this week and ending next Thursday I will show you the rest of the Dresses I wore for Dressember so it will be a busy first month of the year for the blog, as you can tell.

Below is a collage of the #2016bestnine looks in chronological order, side by s…