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A Sleeveless Chambray Dress Transition, a Pink Floral Cardigan and a Linkup.

Happy Hump Day and Happy Pink Day! On Mondays and Wednesdays (this month) I wear Pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am posting this late because I think I might have gotten a little cold. Last night this back pain started and then it ended up on my neck too. It was a bad pain but Ibuprofen helped. This morning I woke up with headaches though. =( The drastic change in temperatures may have gotten me, this time.
I have been doing so many transitional Summer to Fall Looks lately but I hope you don't mind them. Here is my latest one, styling this Casual Sleeveless Chambray Dress. A dress like this was something I wanted to get this Summer so I found one, on sale, at the end of July. I am looking for a dressier (yet pretty casual) long-sleeve chambray shirt-dress in a medium wash, still. This was so easy to convey from Summer to early Fall. Black Sandals and a Long Beaded Turquoise+Teal+Brown Beaded Necklace were replaced with Fringe Booties and a Hot Pink Floral Cardiga…