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Bow-Tie Floral and Olive Pinstripes.

Hello ladies. How has Tuesday treated you so far? I am working on a Work Project which while fun and pretty, is a little headache too. Some projects, are. Back-to-School is in full action starting this week and will continue through all September (schools - with the exception of universities - start on Sept 10th, here in Albania). We, as the largest bookstore in Albania, of course are a lot involved in this, since we sell books. But fun and fictional books is not all we sell. We got approved and are providing all the different textbooks this year too, from 1st to 12th grade, so this week we are getting supplied with these textbooks. Today we added a lot more back-to-school items too, including fun & colorful backpacks, pencil and pen holders, folders, rulers, calculators, sharpies, pens, etc. I love school supplies by the way and always had fun shopping for notebooks, pens, pencils, colors and folders, I don't know why. I kind of miss this time of the year in US because of all…