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Gray Sheath Worn as a Jumper.

This was a Sunday Work Outfit and a recent Dress I purchased in Early March. I love the dress so much and I got it for like 70% off. As a matter of fact I went kind of crazy at that store that day (one of my favorite stores and brands in Albania - it's called KOTON), as I purchased 3 dresses, a top & 4 skirts over there in the same day, all for less than $175. It's a simple sheath style, yet not as simple as it looks, because over the shoulders it features small faux black leather palettes which contrast with the Mid-Gray color of the dress. The length of it is perfect, too. As a matter of fact now that I am posting this I should plan on wearing this dress once more (tomorrow perhaps, with something colorful underneath), before putting it away for winter. Yes the dress is sleeveless but it's a light wool material so it is definitely a colder climate type dress, which means a top underneath it like a tee, a blouse or a button-down would be nice. It would look great with…