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Dress Week: Old Summer Gems and Health Pains.

I woke up with huge pain in my ears yesterday, after a shaky night of sleep. I didn't make too much of it, blaming it on the bad night of sleep and the change in the weather. Plus I thought I was maybe catching a cold. But by the time lunch hit, I was still in pain and I was hot. My fever was pretty high. Later in the afternoon, I was able to get some over-the-counter ear-drops so finally I purchased some and in about 40 minutes I felt a huge change in my pain. But I knew that I'd have to do something about it, I had to see a specialist. A few hours later in the middle of the night, my one ear started causing me a lot of pain. Whatever over-the-counter pain-killers I had weren't really doing the trick. I suffer from migraines so every now and then I have some awful migraine where my entire head hurts. Bus I swear this pain was worse, quite worse. The only thing I could compare it to was labor/child-birth. I had heard before that ear-aches are the worst but in 3 decades of …