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Neon Pink Galentine.

Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Weekend! It seems like I still got Valentine in my mind in all this Hot Pink Goodness. This outfit is definitely not for the color-shy fashionistas out there but I am definitely not afraid of a little or a lot of color. Plus I hadn't worn this Hot Pink Patterned Wrap Dress in a long while. As a matter of fact earlier that day (prior to these photos) I wore the same dress to work with a black cardigan over it, black opaque tights, black leather wedges, the same necklace and 360 stud earrings and a French bun. But I wasn't able to take photos of that look. I will just let you imagine it. =)
That same evening three of my co-workers and I decided to do a quick Galentine night by celebrating at one of our favorite local restaurants with dinner, drinks and even dessert. Two of my co-workers are single and the other one is a newly-wed. I decided to stick to the same dress but in a bold move I paired it with matching Hot Pink Opaque Tights …