Thursday, April 19, 2012

So, this Fendi Dress...

So this dress... is a Fendi, a brand-new Fendi dress (from about 12 or-so collections ago), but in Fashion & Runaway language that translates into ages ago. So it is kind of vintage, I am guessing. I, however only purchased it last December and paid about 85% off the original price. I love its mushroom color (a warm taupe), the swirly skirt (it falls a little shorter on each side and scallops a little longer both in the front and in the back), and the awesome cotton-blend material whick makes it both comfortable and washable. I especially love the beautiful Black Tulle Detail on the shoulder. It starts off as a rose which is peeling off, and the entire silk chiffon piece is circled by tiny black beads. The best part about this awesome flouncy detail: it comes off, it is detachable.

So where did I get to wear such a pretty dress? I wore it to a very special Girls Nights' Out. I must say all us girls that night were wearing pretty dresses. =) I had just gotten my hair cut and colored too (that evening) and the hairdresser blew it dry and brushed it nicely. I also got to wear my new earrings which I love. The earrings are a teardrop-shaped stone in an off-blue grayish color, framed beautifully by a silver rhinestone bow. And you can't see the shoes, but I was wearing simple Black Pumps. My legs looked even longer due to my plain black tights.

It is almost the weekend. It started raining again (for the millionth time this month), here, about two hours ago but whatever... Have a Lovely & Stylish Evening!!

Taupe Cocktail Dress w/ Silk Chiffon Girly Detail (on the Shoulder): Fendi.
Grayish-Blue Stone, Teardrop Earrings w/ Silver Rhinestone Bow Detail: Fred's Jewelry.
Blue & Silver, Stretchy, Rhinestone Bracelet (Right Hand): Gifted from a Girlfriend (for March 8th - International Womens' Day).
Black Leather, Braided Bracelet w/ Silver Clasp (Left Hand): Parfois.
Plain Black Tights: Ann Taylor.
Pretty & Smooth, Medium-Pink Lipstick: Flormar.
Silver Eyeshadow: Clinique.
Light Blue Eyeshadow: Golden Rose.
Silver Eyeliner: Flormar.
Black Mascara: "Lashblast Volume" by Cover Girl.