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Nautical Military.

I have enjoyed wearing Dresses so much these last few days. As the Ultimate Lover of Dresses and someone who owns A TON of them, creating Outfits with them and going bare-legged has been great. But since Tuesday May 13th (when this Outfit was worn), the weather changed upside-down, bare legs and Spring Dresses no more. The temperatures dropped from 75 to 55 and with the wind-chill it has felt about 45. We are back to wearing Coats and Boots so unfortunately some of my Outfits next week will not be very Springy.
There is something so Chic, Classic and Easy-Elegance about both a Black Dress and Black+White Stripes. I always connect Black+White or Navy+White Stripes as well as Red+White Stripes to both France and the US. The French wear their B+W Stripes to perfection. And the Americans connect their B+W Stripes to both the Flag giving a Patriotic Feel (especially if they are Red+White or Navy+White) or Nautical, giving that Classy Americana Vibe. And a LBD is the easiest Dress a Woman …