Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday is for Vivian - 2 Months Update and Lots of Photos.

Today, around 3.40 AM to be exact, My Sweet, Adorable, Beautiful Vivian turned 11 weeks old. Time has sure flown by so damn fast! I have been really bad about updating you on her: her growth, her changes, her likes & dislikes, etc. However I have done a couple of posts just on her and lately she is partaking on my OOTD posts too where I take pictures with her as well. Today though I want to update you through lots of photos about her 1 Month and her 2 Month Birthdays so far. I have lots of pictures from the little shoots I have done at home for her, and let me tell you my girl loves the camera and is quite photogenic. Even-though she got mad or bored at some of the pictures and even cried at some, overall she certainly stayed well, especially for the first month ones since she was still just a newborn. Though most of these photos will let you know about her weight gain & height gain, as well as her likes, dislikes, etc. I still want to share a few things about her with you.

Let me start by saying a little funny story, which may be a coincidence or not. So, Vivian was born on a Saturday. The day we found out for sure I was pregnant with her was also Saturday (around 6.00 in the morning to be exact), when I saw those very strong, red lines on my test. When I started writing about her each week, updating you guys on my pregnancy, her growth (in my belly) and my feelings, I always blogged her journal on Saturdays. And my husband and I were thinking about it yesterday and we very much thinking and were convinced we conceived her on a Saturday (we knew exactly which Saturday). It falls perfectly with my due date and all. So from now on, when I will post  about her, I will do it on Saturdays. I am feeling like Saturdays belong to Vivian. So, here is my first "Saturday is for Vivian" post. =)

A few facts about her. She was born on the smaller side as you know at about 6.6 lbs. I was 38 weeks and 5 days along when I gave birth to her. They got her out with my dilation being only 6 cm because she had a perfect round, tiny head. She was a good height for her weight (19 inches) but she was pretty skinny, though healthy thin. She had a very very strong cry and a great grab from the first few moments of her life. She grabbed onto my index finger with her tiny hand, making it into a wrist and didn't let go till the nurse took her to wash her up & dress her. (You can read more about Her Birth Story.) She was also born with the full head of hair you have already seen, liked, complimented her on and been amazed by. Her eyes have this little arch and she kept them closed a lot in the beginning, so she looked like she had these cute, Asian eyes. Perhaps I am biased but she was and she still is a Gorgeous Baby, actually she gets prettier each week. I am a Proud Mamma for sure. =) There were 9 babies born that night at the hospital that Vivian was born at. Both doctors available for births were busy that day/night. But they both told me, she was the prettiest baby born that night/early morning.

Well, she is a very good eater so she gained weight easily, height too. She is now at a healthy weight typical for a baby who at birth was about 7 and a half to 8 and a half pounds. Her head is still small and has only grown 2 more centimeters in perimeter since birth. Her eyes still have that arch, they call them "Tail Eyes" here in Albania but now you can tell they are big and beautiful, definitely do not look Asian and tiny. And they are this bold, deep, strong blue. This is probably TMI but she is one of those babies who poops a lot LOL. And it was very often for the first 5-6 weeks or so. There were days where I went through a dozen to 15 diapers in 24 hours. That is A LOT! Now, I usually feed her every 2.5 to 3 hours and there are fewer diaper changes. Also, in the beginning she hated bath time. I don't think it was so much fear of water as it was fear of being held. She felt like she was going to fall. She hated having her hair washed and she always reached for someone (I always bathe her with help from another person, whether it is my sister-in-law, mother-in-law or my husband). She would put her hands out so she could hold on to you. It was cute & heartbreaking too because she would cry heavily while bathing her. But that is not the case since about 3 weeks ago. She doesn't cry when we bathe her and enjoys her time there. She loves her stroller and her swinger. Most times it is so easy for us to put her asleep while lightly strolling her. Also, she loved being outside in the nature. Some times I have taken her out while she was crying hysterically and as soon as that elevator door opened and we were out, she would magically stop. She also falls asleep a lot when we take her out. She likes and dislikes the sun at the same time. She likes it in a sense that the sun and she sunshine stop her from crying & being crabby and the sun makes her happy. But dislikes it when it is too strong and it goes straight to her eyes.

My husband and I consider her our biggest achievement up to date, she is the most beautiful thing that has happened to us. She is priceless and we are absolutely in love with her. Both her grandparents & her aunt in Albania, as well as her Grandparents (my Parents who have yet to see her live) in US love her to pieces; all her cousins do too. She is a very active child and now that she sees and hears everything, she has become very curious. She loves all decorations and colorful things, especially our pictures and frames on the wall. Her hands are always moving and she sleeps with her hands held up, next to her head. It is so cute. And today, I finally got around to printing some pictures of hers from her 1 Month & her 2 Month shoots (at home). I even bought a few new frames and I am finally going to frame some photos and decorate our home with them. I am telling you guys - Saturdays BELONG to Vivian!

She keeps me very busy that's for sure but she is SO VERY WORTH IT. OK, without any further ado, here are photos from her 1st Birthday & her 2nd Birthday. In two weeks she will be 3 months old... Ahhh time flies and as she grows, a little piece of my heart gets shattered because I will miss these times... Oh and by the way, I am continuing with the Purple theme this week. Vivian is wearing not one but two beautiful Lavender Dresses, in this post. =)

Vivian at One Month Old, on Tuesday February 19th 2013.

Her first Birthday Cake which says "Vivian's 1 Month".
Vivian's 1 Month Outfit:
Lavender Crochet Dress w/ White Trim plus Matching Hat: Handmade and Gifted by My Aunt.
Lavender & Baby Pink, Stretchy Lace, Rosette Headbands: Wal Mart.
White & Pink, Bow-Tie "Happy Shoes": Gifted by a Girlfriend of mine.

Vivian at Two Months Old, on Tuesday March 19th 2013.

Her second Birthday Cake which says "Vivian's 2 Months".
Vivian's 1 Month Outfit:
Lavender, Short-Sleeve Dress w/ Ruched Top & Matching Panties: Jeanie & Jack (Gifted from a Cousin of My Parents).
Yellow, Mint & Ivory Crochet Socks w/ Lace Trim: Gifted from the same Cousin of My Parents (that gave her the dress).
Silver, Name-plate Bracelet w/ Tiny Flowers in Different Colored Stones: A Children's Boutique.
Ivory, Bow & Flower, Stretchy Headband: A Children's Boutique.
Ivory Ballet Flats: Carter's (Gifted from My Aunt).

F.Y.I. This post was scheduled ahead for today on Saturday. Over-night I had some high fever and wasn't feeling well at all which also means I have gotten very little sleep. I am not sure I will have My Weekly "Week's Best Looks" Sunday Post ready by tomorrow, though I will try. Usually that is the post that takes me the longest to prepare for the blog, too, since it also includes many links. But at the latest on Monday, I hope to have it ready. Stay Tuned for it and look out because I may be featuring YOU on it.

Wishing you all a Lovely Weekend and I hope today's post filled with Baby Photos & Baby Love puts a a Big Smile on your faces! =)

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