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Edgy Elegance in Red and Black. (My Annual Blog Birthday Party - Part Two.)

Happy Birthday to me once again and Thank You to all of you who have wished me here on the blog, via Instagram or on my Facebook. This Edgy and Elegant Red and Black Outfit is what I wore the eve of my Birthday (on May 3rd) for a Girls' Night Out and it is one of my most favorite Birthday Outfits, as well as My Favorite Outfit of 2019 so far. It is very different from the outfit I blogged in Part One of my Blog Birthday Party but equally fun, vibrant, feminine and very me! This one gets its dose of color via the bright red and the pops of yellow. It is the perfect outfit to wear for the evening time to celebrate your birthday.
Speaking of Birthdays, I share the same birthdate as my uncle. He celebrates his 65th on May 4th and my aunt (his wife) turns 60 on May 8th. Big birthdays for them both this year and they are both very dear people to me. I also have a cousin born on May 3rd and my cousin's daughter is a May birthday. My ex husband's birthday is on May 6th and I have d…