Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yellow + Gray = YeAy!!

I have no motivation or inspiration lately. I have gotten lazy and I get bored easily. This is partially due to the super hot days that have returned. Truthfully the hot days never left, but it was less hot for 3-4 days or so and on Friday it was back to scorching hot. I heard next week it is supposed to rain for a couple of days and that the temperatures will actually drop. I have never prayed so much before, for rain. I am ready for a big change, weather-wise too, not just in my life. The work stress I have experienced the last couple of weeks has got to stop, too. I am only human.

Anyhow, yesterday I was off and spent most of the day eating, resting, facebook-ing and watching movies/TV. I didn't do anything that took too much of my attention or that needed a lot of time on my part, either. I didn't take time to blog yesterday but I was able to upload a lot of outfit photos into my blog. I hope and pray my motivation will be back this last week of July so I can post two brand-new outfits, each day.

This is enough venting for one day. Let's move on to something related to style: This Outfit. The first time I paired this top with this skirt and I loved the results. Gray & Yellow Mix and Match so perfectly together. Also this outfit is girly due to the fluttery top (sort of like a ruffle across the neckline) and the 100% silk A-Line skirt. I wore one of my most favorite and most comfortable pairs of Summer Shoes and a Lovely Work Outfit was born.

Yellow, Cap-Sleeve, Sikly, Ruffle-Trimmed Top: The Limited.
Gray and Black-Trimmed, Light Silk, Knee-Length, A-Line Skirt: Express.
Stretchy, Plastic, Bobble, Yellow Bracelet: Charlotte Russe.
Bright Yellow & Olive Green, Peacock-Print Bangle: Forever 21.
Plastic, Yellow, Circle, Post Earrings (that Match the Yellow Bracelets Perfectly): Fred's Jewelry.
Dark Silver, Thong-Wedge, Beaded Sandals w/ Black, Gray & Silver Beads: Nine West.