Monday, December 3, 2018

TBB Asks: December 2018.

The ladies or The Blended Blog are back with their monthly TBB Asks which is the first Monday of each month. This is December so of course the 'theme' of this month is all about Christmas. I had such a pleasure answering these questions since I love, love Christmas and I love decorating for it. As a matter of fact a week from today, next Monday, I will be sharing my Christmas Home Tour as apart of "The Holiday Series 2018". Stay tuned. =)

1. Yes, Candy Canes. I like eating them and I like decorating with them, especially around the kitchen area. They look so cute inside mason jars and by the coffee/hot chocolate bar. They also look adorable on a bar cart. 
2. Early riser on Christmas morning, for sure. I have presents to wrap and put under the Christmas tree and leave half-cookies and empty milk cups so the little one knows Santa has stopped by. 

3. Yes, I did shop on Black Friday, for me, for Vivian, for my mom and a cousin. Online shopping only, though. 

4. Christmas tree up in November for sure, but usually after Thanksgiving. I try to do it on Thanksgiving weekend, after Thursday. This year I did it the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

5.  Yes and No. I pin a lot of stuff, especially Christmas and Holiday decors. I do get some ideas from Pinterest but I also get inspired by what I already own + new things I add to my ever-growing Christmas collection decor. I try to get creative and decorate differently each year. My house has never looked the same twice for Christmas. 

6. I prefer Christmas Glam as I love dressing up - like a dress, a skirt, faux leather leggings, a sweater dress or something in velvet or with sequins. I also prefer cute+pretty NOT ugly Christmas Sweaters. For example Loft and J.Crew have so many Winter and Christmas-themed sweaters right now featuring owls, reindeer, polar bears,  snowflakes and such. I also love a sweater with a little metallic in it.

7. I don't see the point of wrapping Christmas stocking stuffers. So, unwrapped it is. 

8. Traditional Christmas songs. But I love a good modern XMas song every now and then. I look forward to hearing new Christmas Music each year. 

9. Yes, I love a fruitcake. I like the typical dry fruit type of fruitcake that is typical for Christmas, however I prefer the fruitcake like the one my mom makes. It is made with lady fingers and cream on the bottom topped with strawberries, kiwi, raspberries and blackberries on top as well as light whipped cream. But you can put any fresh fruit you like. It is delicious. Think of it like a fruity tiramisu. It is pretty light too. 

10. No, my Christmas shopping is not finished but I am not very behind either. I am at least 40% done! 

11. There is snow in December where I live. As well as in November, January, February, March. Sometimes in October and April too. I live in the mitten state so yeah there is a ton of snow in Midwest and usually we have a White Christmas.

12. Believe it or not I have never watched either but I have caught snippets of each of these movies and I prefer Rudolph. My favorite classic Christmas movie will always and forever be "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2".