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Fall Layers on a Casual Halloween Sunday.

Happy Halloween! So we went from a high of 68 degrees day on Saturday to temperatures 20 to 25 degrees lower on Sunday. That nice weather was perfect for Saturday too, since I attended a wedding. But today I am back to wearing several Fall layers and keeping it as casual as possible. In honor of Halloween weekend all of my layers are topped off with a Bright Orange Puffer Vest which matches the strips of orange on my Gorgeous New Balance Sneakers, but there is also a pop of pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month, in my socks. However the two main colors of this outfit are burgundy (tee, leggings, socks and a little bit on the bag) and gray (hoodie, bag and sneakers). There is also some pattern-mixing between the stripes, plaid and argyle. This outfit definitely has a very relaxed athleisure and sporty vibe to it, no? And I love that.
So, how did I layer? 1) Striped tee over leggings and socks worn on the outer side of the leggings. 2) Zippered hoodie sweatshirt over the tee. 3) Orange vest…